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Pet Passports 



As of 1st January 2012, Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) rules changed: Please note due to Brexit the following may change or be altered and it is possible we could become a Non-approved country.


EU and approved third countries

Non-approved countries




Rabies Vaccination



Documentation (passport)



Blood Test


Yes, 30 days post vaccination

Length of waiting period before entry

21 Days after Rabies vaccination

3 months after blood sample date

Tick Treatment *



Tapeworm treatment (dogs only)

1-5 days before entry

1-5 days before entry

  • The regulations for tick and tapeworm control before re-entering the UK have been relaxed to come into line with the European Union.
  • It is still compulsory for tapeworm control to be applied 1-5 days before re-entry.
  • Tick control is now not a requirement, although it is still advised for owners to treat their pets for ticks before re-entry to the UK.
  • For short weekend trips (less than 5 days) you can have your tapeworm control and passport stamped by your UK vet before travel.

Step 1) Microchip 

Before the process of attaining a passport can begin a microchip must inserted subcutaneously (under the skin) between the shoulder blades. Most dogs will already have this due it being a legal requirment in dogs over 8 weeks of age. If your pet already has a microchip then all you need to do it have it checked when the passport is issued.

Step 2) Rabies Vaccine 

  • The minimum age for inoculation against rabies is 3 months of age.
  • A single vaccine with a 21 day waiting period before travel is now acceptable. This provides immunity for 3 years which is accepted by UK authorities for re- entry.
  • Some EU states can have different regulations to that of the UK for entry in inter-state transit and it is advisable to check before travel.

Step 3) Issuing of an EU pets passport

This is a legal document which allows your pet to travel to and from the UK & mainland Europe (lost passports incur a re-issuing fee). We ask for 24 hours’ notice before issuing a passport. 

Please see our Useful information section on Travel for more information

For price or any questions just give us a phone call!

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